Shower Installations

Are you looking to have a new shower unit installed?

An electric shower provides instant hot water, it does not require a hot water supply and runs off of the cold feed. Usually these electric showers are set to limit water, however this will not effect your showering experience. However it will have a good effect on your water cost’s saving you money in the long run.


One of the main benefits of an electric shower is they can be installed in any household, regardless of what hot water system is installed. They are connected directly to the cold water supply and create hot water on demand. (So yes, no running out of hot water).

We see this as one of our specialties at AF Electrical. We can do all of the fitting and the plumbing for the shower meaning we save you money by not having to get a plumber in to do the work.


Take a look at our gallery and see some of the ones we have already installed. We are confident that we will be the right Electricians for you to use.