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Security Lighting

Security Lighting is definitely a useful addition to perimeter security. Exterior security lights can be operated manually or set to work automatically.

Shower Installations

Are you looking to have a new shower unit installed?


An electric shower provides instant hot water, it does not require a hot water supply and runs off of the cold feed. Usually these electric showers are set to limit water, however this will not effect your showering experience.

Socket Installation / Repair

Does your household lack sockets? or has one of them managed to get damaged? Let us sort whatever issue you have out for you. If you think that one of your sockets could do with being changed don’t hesitate to contact us. Broken/damaged sockets can be dangerous and could also be causing shortages/electrical outages in your household.

TV Phone & Data Cabling

With a huge increase in Smart TV’s, Surround Sound systems, and more advanced technology covering your household there has never been more of a need to have the wiring for these completed appropriately and effectively.